Our solutions

Validation of your design and plans.

Your designs and plans are reviewed and validated before any work begins. This ensures that the results will perfectly meet your expectations. Often, we propose improvements that reduce the manufacturing costs of your plastic items, accelerate the speed of execution and maximize product quality.


We operate one of the few convection ovens in the Montreal area.  With this technology, we can produce very large, molded plastic products and designs (up to 1.22m x 2.44m) for our customers.  With this process we’ve been able to manufacture protective guards for industrial machinery, cylinders and domes of all types, sneeze guards for restaurants and even boat windshields.

Vacuum forming.

Vacuum forming is the preferred method for producing bulk quantities of plastic products, at the lowest possible cost.  Once the plastic material is heated to the proper temperature, it is inserted in a mold.  The vacuum process instantly matches the shape of the plastic to the mold.  CYB has years of expertise with this technology and we pride ourselves with delivering products free of excess glue and bubbles – which would end up ruining the look of your pieces.

Plastic bending and assembly

Our specialized bending equipment can handle plastic lengths of up to 2.4m (100’’).  Thanks to our depth of experience and knowledge with primers and adhesives, we always apply just the right amount at the right places, which means you end up with ‘museum-quality’ pieces.

Efficient plastic cutting.

Valuable savings are yours for the taking. Our expertise in the planning of computer-assisted cutting guarantees precise cuts and the most efficient use of material. Save on waste for 2- or 3-dimensions items, of simple or complex forms, and even when you seek to create special effects for plastic panels or molds.

We are the only company in the Montreal area with the equipment and know-how to handle 4″ thick plastics.

Unique designs

CYB has partnered with industrial designers, architects and artists to produce multiple unique designs such as light fixtures, modules and furniture, theatre and television sets.  Our creativity, attention to detail and expert processes have ensured the successful realization of these designs, using all types of plastic materials, colours and textures.